Petroleum Product Testing

Petroleum Product Testing Labs

HTH Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. is well-equipped with the most sophisticated & versatile analytical instruments, to test a wide variety of Petroleum Products.

Testing Services
HTH Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. provides a full range of Petroleum products, Coal/ Cock & Pet-Coke testing services

  • Solid Fuels – Coal, Coke, Wood
  • Diesel – High Speed Diesel (HSD), Low Diesel Oil (LDO), Bio-diesel
  • Insulating Oils – Transformer Oil, Mineral Inhibiting Oil
  • Lubricating Oils – Lubricating Grease, Engine Oil, Gear Oil, Spindle Oil, Turpentine Oil, Brake Fluid, Gasoline,
  • Hydraulic Fluids – Hydraulic Oil, Anti-wear Hydraulic Oil, Fire Resistant Oil
  • Metal Lube Oil – Cutting Oil, Quenching Oil, Turbine Oil
  • Furnace Oils

Petroleum Product Instruments
• Bomb Calorimeter
• Ductility Testing Machine
• Saybolt Viscometer
• Tar Visco Meter
• Flash Point Apparatus
• Distillation Apparatus
• Oil Bath / Water Bath
• Karlfisher Apparatus