Equipment Installed under Grant-In-Aid

(Released by Ministry of Food Processing Industries)

M/S HTH Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.. is an independent private testing Laboratory situated at Panipat (HR) in NCR Region. It has upgraded the Technical Testing facilities in Food Testing with the addition of High Tech Instruments like GC MS MS / AAS / HPLC / FTIR / and UV etc. through the Grant-in-Aid, from MoFPI. Laboratory has all the Food Testing facilities in the field of Chemical, Biological and Nutrition value of the food and Agriculture products.

S.N. Name of the Equipment Make / Model Purpose of Equipment Date of Installation
1. GC-MS/MS AgilentModel:GC-7000C Residual Pesticide analysis 02.04.2015
2. AAS with GTA-120, VGA-77 AgilentModel: A 240-FS Metallic Contaminants in low level 10.04.2015
3. HPLC AgilentModel:1220, infinity LC System Assay of Food Additives, Vitamin Preservatives & Antioxidents etc.  21.05.2015
4. FTIR AgilentModel : CARY 630 Identification of Food Additives, Mineral Oil in water, Polymeric food packaging material etc 22.04.2015
5. UV-vis Spectrophotometer AgilentModel :CARY 60 Colours, Aflotoxins& Vitamins etc.  22.04.2015
6. Microwave Digester AgilentModel: Anton-Paar Multiwave Go For Preparation of food samples  16.03.2015